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SpaceX: Amateur astronauts launch on Inspiration4 mission

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UK, US and Australia launch pact to counter China


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North Korea fires two ballistic missiles into East Sea, South says


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#MeToo: China court dismisses landmark sex harassment case


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On a sunny spring day in Amsterdam, automobile enthusiasts gathered inside a darkened warehouse to eat lamb skewers and drink rhubarb cocktails courtesy of Lynk & Co., which was showcasing its new hybrid SUV.What appeared to be simply another new car unveiling was actually a coming-out celebration for China's internationally ambitious auto sector. For the first time, a Chinese-branded automobile will be built in Western Europe and sold there, with the eventual objective of reaching showrooms in the United States.That is billionaire Li Shufu's master strategy, which has seen him go from starting Geely Group as a refrigerator manufacturer in the 1980s to owning Volvo Cars, Lotus, London Black Cabs, and the largest holding in Daimler AG, the creator of the vehicle. Li is leading China's efforts to join the Big Three of the global automobile industry—the United States, Germany, and Japan—to form the Big Four.
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