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SHANGHAI, 13 sep 2021 - According to state news agency Xinhua, China's National People's Congress enacted a law on Friday to protect internet user data privacy, which will go into effect on November 1.The adoption of the bill completes another pillar in the nation's attempts to control cyberspace, and it is likely to increase compliance requirements for businesses in the country.
The regulations come as part of a larger regulatory crackdown on industry by Chinese officials, which has alarmed both large and small businesses.China's main internet regulator, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC), stated in July that it will investigate Chinese ride-hailing company Didi Global Inc (DIDI.N) for allegedly violating customer privacy.China's State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) enacted sweeping new regulations on Tuesday aimed at enhancing fair competition and prohibiting tactics like false internet reviews.

It also lays out the criteria under which businesses can acquire personal data, such as getting an individual's consent, as well as standards for maintaining data security when data is moved outside the nation.
The legislation also requires that controllers of personal information appoint a person to be in charge of data protection, as well as perform periodic audits to verify compliance with the law.The Data Security Law and the Personal Information Protection Law are two important rules that will regulate China's internet in the future.The Data Security Law, which goes into effect on September 1, establishes a framework for businesses to classify data based on its economic worth and importance to China's national security.Meanwhile, the Personal Information Protection Law, like the GDPR in Europe, establishes a framework to protect user privacy.