New Delhi: If you Google the name 'Lawrence Bishnoi,' the guy suspected of assassinating Punjabi artist and Congress politician Sidhu Moose Wala,' you'll see pictures of a man in a hoodie with a well-kept beard, moustache, and glaring dark eyes.

Bishnoi, 31, is said to be the leader of a 700-member gang that has reportedly been engaged in a number of killings and extortion cases throughout Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, and Rajasthan.

Bishnoi, who was born in Dutaranwali, a hamlet near Abohar in Punjab's Fazilka district, has been imprisoned in Delhi's high-security Tihar Prison since 2021. But it hasn't prevented him from actively directing his gang, including those who are stationed in other countries.

Bishnoi, whose name surfaced in Moose Wala's murder, has denied culpability for the incident, according to sources in the Delhi Police. However, the Punjabi musician was assassinated in retaliation for the death of Youth Akali Dal leader Vicky Middukhera in Mohali last year.After Moose Wala's manager Shagan Preet Singh allegedly fled to Australia, Mohali Police issued a Lookout Notice in connection with the murder.

"Bishnoi said that Moose Wala assisted Shagan Preet in fleeing the country," a Delhi Police source said.

Soon after Moose Wala was shot and killed while driving in Punjab's Mansa region on May 29, Goldy Brar, a criminal from Canada, claimed responsibility for the murder on Facebook.

The assassination was also meant to revenge the killings of Middukhera and Goldy's brother Gurlal Brar in Chandigarh in 2020, according to the article.Meanwhile, in an interview with News18, Sachin Thapan Bishnoi, a relative of the feared criminal, said that he killed Moose Wala with "his own hands," alleging that the Punjabi artist had provided refuge and financial assistance to Middukhera's murders . In the interview, Sachin Bishnoi alleged, "He killed our brother." And here are some links which shows the links of Movies which they watch together :

Bishnoi, the son of a wealthy farmer, attended a prestigious missionary school in Abohar until Class 10 and then traveled to Chandigarh for further studies.According to his interrogation report, he took a significant interest in sports while in classes 11 and 12 at Chandigarh's DAV College, particularly in the 1,500-meter event.Sampat Nehra, who would later become his close aide, met him while he was studying law at Panjab University (PU). The Punjab Police detained Nehra in connection with the murder of Moose Wala on June 2.

The duo allegedly threatened celebrity Salman Khan in 2018 over a 1998 case in which the actor and some of his coworkers were accused of sexual assault.According to Delhi Police sources, Bishnoi had run-ins with the police while still involved in student politics, even going to jail at one point."He developed connections with other local crooks and recognized the value of networking." He aspired to be the uncontested head of the nexus that spanned Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, and Chandigarh, according to a source with the Delhi Police.

According to Bishnoi's criminal dossier, his foray into the criminal world began in 2008, when he reportedly shot his buddy Brar's opponent candidate during the PU student body elections. He was detained for attempted murder, but two months later he was released on bond.He allegedly befriended Ranjit Dupla, a weapons dealer located in the United States, while incarcerated.
According to his dossier, he was re-arrested months after being freed on bail for shooting at the victorious candidate's brother to avenge Brar's defeat.Bishnoi and his associates reportedly attacked the victorious candidate after losing the student body elections at PU in 2010. He and his buddies surrendered after ten days, according to the criminal dossier, but were given bail after a week.He had departed PU by 2012, but he still had sway over student elections: he reportedly guaranteed that members of his 'gang' were elected as candidates.His prison visits escalated after that, according to the document.

After property dealer Rajveer alias Sonu Shah was slain in 2019, Bishnoi was allegedly caught on camera using a cell phone inside the Bharatpur prison.Bishnoi was apprehended in Delhi in 2021 in connection with a Maharashtra Control of Organized Crime Act case and has since been held in Tihar. However, he maintains communication with the outside world."Because it's difficult for Indian agencies to track servers based outside the country, Bishnoi and his associates have moved to Voice over Internet Protocol (a technology that allows you to make phone calls over the internet) communication and use associates in the UK, Canada, and Armenia to send out orders," the source said.